A New World

Untitled with a Clock Eye was created as part of A New World, the Whitecross Street Party 2021. It showcased a selection of 20 street artists painting live, including my alter ego, Cristina Reyes. The work produced resulted in an outdoors exhibition in 2022, The Rise of the Nonconformists, inspired by the local free-thinking heritage. Honouring the diversity of the area, every year the festival brings together the EC1 local communities in a weekend of live street art and performance.

For last year’s edition, Cristina Reyes created a mixed media assemblage, portraying a side-facing walking head. The eyes on the face had a mirror and a clock on them, sourced from the neighbourhood charity shop. Reyes’ piece invites to the viewer to look at their own reflection while the clock reminds us of the passage of time. The ticking is a call to action, acting as a catalyst for A New World.

Portrait photos by Jordon Blake.

  • Untitled with a Clock Eye
  • The Rise of the Nonconformists exhibition
  • Whitecross Street Party, A New World
  • Assemblage and acrylic on wood
  • 2 m x 2 m
  • London