Design Week Illustrate

Design Week Illustrate showed the work of over 80 artists as part of London Design Week. It was a nine-day festival of live art, animation, installations and film in Highbury Studios, taking up 4600 m2.

Given the size of the venue, Design Week Illustrate was the perfect opportunity to paint a mural. It was the first time Cristina Reyes painted at such scale, and she ended up incorporating found objects and lighting into it, so it became her first installation. The painted walls and floor interact with the lights, cables and found objects – a bicycle wheel, pipes and tubes – to create a capsule machine that feeds off people, transforming their bodies into deformed teddy bears.

These bears spread around and the result was the street art project Teddy Invasion. Hundreds of stickers traveled to magical places in England first and then to France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Spain and the USA.

  • Design Week Illustrate
  • Mixed media
  • 13.3 m x 5.7 m
  • London