Cristina Guitian is an illustrator and artist based in London. Along her illustrations for advertising and editorial, she specialises in large scale murals and installations. Cristina has developed a distinctive visual language of her own, combining real and surreal, animal and human. This is constantly evolving into a complete mythological world of calligraphy, populated by characters with reimagined limbs and impossible machines.

Cristina’s universe is filled with visual metaphors and whimsical humour. You can see it in the huge 26 and 38 metre murals in the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam and in her interactive installation for WeTheCurious, the Museum of Science in Bristol.

You’ll find her detailed fine line drawings and minimal colour palette in commissions for a client list that extends from Google and Greggs to the Guardian and Headspace. In recent years she was commissioned to illustrate the full series of books What is the Issue?.

Her illustrations and murals have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Madrid, New York and Tokyo. She is available for commissions and often participates in live events and workshops. Additionally, Cristina develops her fine artist practice and more experimental projects under her alter ego’s Cristina Reyes.



Cointreau, Dalziel&Pow, Design Council, Diesel, Digitas, Draftfcb, Fnac, Google, Greggs, The Guardian, Headspace, JWT, Kensington Palace, McCann Healthcare, McDonald’s, MSWA (Multiple Sclerosis Society), Nike, Pabst Blue Ribbon, QED Publishing, Quest Magazine, Quintessencially Magazine, Saatchi & Saatchi, Banco Santander, Savanna, Shell, SOS (Save Our Seas), TBWA, Tesco Magazine, Virgin Media, Volkswagen, V&A, Waitrose, We The Curious (Bristol Science Museum).


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Slice Award, D&AD 2012
Finalist of the DDA Award, Dutch Design Week 2011
Bronze Award, Images 33, Best of British Illustration 2009

Alter ego

the step of the Dreamer

As a child, Cristina thought that she should hide herself from something unknown.

So she played and played always lonely. Her world became so big inside herself that she could no longer talk. Until one day she started crying. She cried and cried until her tears dried out and her speech came back.

In that moment, Cristina decided that she didn’t have anything to hide from. So she visited the lake of the salty tears and she drank it all. Her tears came back, but this time in the form of drawings. Since that day each emotion would transform itself into a character or a sentence.

Cristina had decided to search the limits of her imagination to test how far she could go. She thought that the world would be better if people had dreams, so she decided to share hers and see what happened…

Cristina Guitian starting to paint on a 12 x 6 metres long white canvas