Cristina hosts corporate workshops on Creativity and Mind Mapping, combining her artistic approach with an understanding of cognitive processes.

In her workshops to unleash Creativity, participants are invited to experiment playfully, finding new ways of thinking, problem-solving, and communicating.

Cristina also specialises in Mind Mapping, the process of visualising through images. By mapping out ideas, individuals and teams can gain clarity, foster innovation, set goals, and make connections that might otherwise remain hidden.

Cristina works both in corporate environments and privately; in community settings like YMCA Club or Woodlane Special Needs High School; and in public events like the London Festival of Architecture.

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Live Painting

Cristina is available for live painting in events, both in creative and corporate environments.

She paints at street art festivals like Whitecross St Festival or Miau Fanzara; and takes part in art events for public institutions in projects like the Tattoo Parlour at the Friday Late at the V&A. Cristina is open to wider experimentation in areas from painting to sound and movement under her alter ego, Cristina Reyes.

She is also available for Graphic Recording at corporate events, making data more understandable with her visual input. She has recorded events for corporate clients such as the CFA Institute and Indeed Inclusion Forum.

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