Eating Stories

Eating Stories is a 12 x 6 m installation piece created by my alter ego Cristina Reyes. It was the expansion of her earlier mural Teddy Factory. Eating Stories was part of the exhibition Art in Industry 01, and built in the massive Shunt Vaults. The venue was run by the amazing theatre company Shunt, hosting art in all its different media.

Eating Stories was created in 3 days working with a great production team: plywood boards were cut to shape and painted; light bulbs, cables and found objects were attached to the structure.

The installation was a representation of the emotional self. The yellow monster was created by the psychological realm of the girl hanging from his arm. Even though the creature was massive and scary, it looked playful and uplifting, like a good spirit looking to help her and trying to establish dialogue.

The following year Reyes had the pleasure of being invited to produce a new installation. She took her experimenting with cut out wood a step further by creating Nudo.

  • Art in Industry 01
  • Shunt Vaults
  • Mixed media
  • 12 m x 6 m
  • London