Nudo is an 11.50 x 5 m installation created by my alter ego Cristina Reyes. It was part of the exhibition Art in Industry 02, the second edition of this group show in the massive Shunt Vaults. The venue was run by the amazing theatre company Shunt, hosting art in all its mediums. The previous year in the same venue, as part of Art in Industry 01, Reyes had created her first installation experimenting with a cut out structure, Eating Stories.

The gigantic series of plywood boards seat across two of the massive vaults. These boards were cut to shape, creating lines by shadows. Additionally she combined the cut out lines with painted lines and text. The writing of words was done live with an audience, as part of the evening events in the venue.

Nudo unleashes stories that have never been told, remaining hidden or forgotten.

  • Art In Industry 02
  • Shunt Vaults
  • London
  • Acrylic on cut out plywood
  • 11.60 m x 5 m