Future Humans

Part of the book series What’s the issue? by Tom JacksonFuture Humans, Climate Change and Fake News are the titles that follow up the first book Hackers. Commission by QED Publishing, I created artworks for the covers and for each of the 96 pages in each of the books.

The series tackles current subjects, with a focus on critical thinking, debate and encouraging one’s own informed opinions. It is aimed at teenagers but suitable for everyone. The brief allowed me to explore my creativity while learning. It gave me plenty of scope to unleash the potential of my imagination, developing characters and impossible machines.

The second book of the series, Future Humans, reflects on what the future might be like with advancements in technology. With a focus in evolution, it provides hypotheses on how we might control and change our minds and bodies in future times, the treatment of disease and disability and our relationship with death.

Climate Change helps us understand what we know about climate change, what happens next and possible ways to fix it. It supplies a great source of information and sheds further light on the crisis, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Lastly, Fake News explores the responsibilities and power of the media. It underlines its current relevancy and how it has equally been present all throughout history. It reflects on what is at stake when we think about fake news, to help young people understand this difficult subject and provide them with the tools to form their own opinions.