We The Curious

Dalziel & Pow asked me to create a 7 m long interactive illustration for the Science Museum We The Curious in Bristol. Encouraging curiosity and exploration, this installation unlocks the stories of iconic places, people and objects in a Choose Your Own Adventure format.

Within the interactive installation I was responsible of creating the hand-drawn illustrations and the concepts for each of the animations. My drawings were cut out of vinyl and placed on a board. The artwork responds to a visitor’s touch, triggering a variety of animations and sounds.

The content and inspiration for the artwork came about after a few meetings with staff members from We The Curious Bristol. I was asked to illustrate the essence of the city, including its music, food culture, street art and iconic locations, such as Clifton Suspension Bridge and St Nicholas Market. We also included Bristolian popular characters and references from old folk stories, evoking the lively energy of the place and its creative magic.

Video by Drew Cox

  • Interactive installation
  • We the Curious
  • Vinyl on wood and projections,
  • 2.20 x 7 m
  • Bristol