Headspace Visuals

When the internationally acclaimed meditation project Headspace was a start up, I was commissioned to create all Headspace visuals. From illustrating their meditation instructions to designing their logo, and creating all event presentations and several animations.

The overall brief was to help demystify the process of learning to meditate. Thankfully I was thrown into it by experiencing it myself, on an intensive one-to-one course led by Andy Puddicombe, Co-Founder of Headspace. At first I was only commissioned to illustrate the instructions for their guide to meditation. My drawings were based on my own experience of learning. Each instruction was a memory trigger to the internal journey that takes place in the process.

The 11 instructional illustrations were used across all media. After producing these, I was asked to create further visuals: the original Headspace logo; 4 animations; and 68 hand-drawn slides for their events. I was encouraged to create a unique Headspace visual universe under the art direction of  Zoltan Csaki and the agency BBH Sprints. The animator who brought my characters to motion was Ewen Stenhouse.

It was a great honour to be part of such a worthwhile project.

  • Logo, instructional illustrations, 68 slides, 4 animations
  • Headspace
  • Print, online, mobile, projections
  • Worldwide