Los Sin Nombre

Los Sin Nombre, was created in 2023 as part of the Unfinished Urban Art Museum, MIAU, in Fanzara, a small town close to Valencia, Spain.

MIAU, started as a street art festival in 2011, as a way to resolve a social conflict within the town. It successfully brought the people in Fanzara to resolve their differences. Since then, every year, different artists are invited to create new work, so the streets of this little town are an ever-growing museum.

Flaskis flaskis… the Underground figures emerge again in your face, in your saliva, in your mouth and your very eyes. The juggler is on its way for dinner, inside my mouth. I hold the powers of the future and the past, I kidnapped your very eyes and your words, shut up! For ever.
But… a little door opened up in the darkness of the black hand… a small bird flew away from there, there was a escape!

By Cristina Reyes

  • Unfinished Urban Art Museum, MIAU
  • Acrylic on concrete and brick wall
  • 6 x 17.4 m
  • Fanzara