Headspace for The Guardian

Headspace was asked by The Guardian to create a booklet on How to Meditate to include in their weekend supplement. This guide included the instructional meditation illustrations I had created previously for them. Additionally, I was then commissioned to create new content directly for The Guardian.

My instructional illustrations were actually based on the experience of my own learning. As part of the briefing process, I was taught meditation, one to one, by Andy Puddicombe, one of the Headspace founders. The personal experience of this intensive course gave me the insight on the techniques, and allowed for a direct interpretation of the steps.

It was an invaluable opportunity to gain the learning skills myself, while helping others in their process. My job became sharing my own way of interpreting and understanding in the form of images. These were used for Headspace in all platforms, and then for the Guardian.

Illustrating these instructions lead to further commissions by Headspace: I created all the visuals for their website, their logo, their online content, printed material, animations and all the visual presentations for their events. It was a honour to be part of such an inspirational project.